Make Android senior-friendly


In this article we will tell you which cell phones to choose for the elderly, and how to customize Android for parents or grandparents to make it convenient for usage.

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, time is passing and our parents, as well as grandparents, do not grow younger. Sometimes it is difficult for them to understand us, and even more difficult to understand modern technology and devices. Moreover, many elderly have vision problems. Therefore, it is difficult for them to use modern Android smartphones. Can there be a way to somehow simplify everything? Let’s get it sorted out!

Which mobile phones to choose?

Since many elderly people have impaired vision and do not press the correct buttons, it is better to choose cell phones with a large display. So if you are at the stage of buying a new mobile phone, buy Android with a 5 – 5.5 inches screen, for example, Xiaomi Redmi Note.

Pay attention to the earpiece speaker and the speaker. They must be loud.

Setting up the mobile phone and installing the necessary applications

Android customization for the elderly can be divided into several steps – setting up the display settings, GPS settings, installing useful applications.

Display settings

First, we set a maximum font size on the whole system, to do it go to “Settings” -> “Display” -> “Font size”.

You can and need to install special third-party launchers (shell) which will adjust the smartphone in such a way so that, on the one hand, everything will be at hand, and, on the other hand, the icons and the text size will be large.

Some of these launchers are:

  • Necta Launcher

  • Big Launcher
BIG Launcher
BIG Launcher
Developer: BIG Launcher
Price: 599,99 ₽

  • Koala Launcher
Koala Phone Launcher GOLD
Koala Phone Launcher GOLD
Developer: Tomas Slavicek
Price: 269,00 ₽

One of the most useful features of the Necta Launcher and BIG Launcher shells is the “SOS” button, which, in case of emergency, sends an emergency SMS to three pre-selected phone numbers.

GPS settings

If a person has memory problems or often loses his/her phone, or if you want to find out where your relative is, it would be useful to install applications that can track the location.

Google Maps

There is a function “Show where I am” in the Google Maps application, which allows you to track the current location of a person.

Install Google Maps:

Maps - Navigate & Explore
Maps - Navigate & Explore
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Then open Google Maps on the phone of the person you want to track, go to the menu and select “Show me where I am”, specify the tracking period and indicate your email or phone number.

Now, open Google Maps on your mobile device, go to the section “Show me where I am” and select the person you are tracking in the top panel.

Remote Control

Google’s Find Device service allows you to specify the exact smartphone location by the GPS sensor, and to set a beep sound on it. This service is very useful for those who often lose their mobile phones, or you can use it to find the mobile phone by the beeping sound in the house (even if the cell phone is on silent mode).

You need to install Find My Device on your smartphone

Find My Device
Find My Device
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
or go to the web version of the service.

Useful apps

How else can we help our family? Taking care of their health! Many elderly need to take medicine on time. For them not to forget to do this, you can install a special application “Pill Reminder”.

Do you still have questions? Post them in comments and tell whether you’ve succeeded or failed!

That’s it! More useful articles and instructions can be found in the articles section and Android Hacks. Stay with the Android + 1! It will be even more interesting!