How to configure the SOCKS5 proxy on Android? (Without Root and with Root permission)

In this article we will tell how to configure the SOCKS5 proxy on Android, both for those who have root privilege and those who don’t, to route all Internet traffic through! Accessible and comprehensible to all!

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SOCKS5 Proxy on Android For Root Users

Android users who have root privileges can route all Internet traffic through the SOCKS5 proxy easily!

  1. To do this, install the ProxyDroid app from Google Play
  2. ProxyDroid application
  3. Specify IP address, port and proxy server type
  4. Then you can connect!

SOCKS5 Proxy on Android Without Root Privileges

Setting up a proxy on Android for users who do not have root privileges is a little more complicated but still possible!

  1. Install the Drony app from the Google Play Store
  2. Next, run the application and start the configuration
  3. Go to the Settings tab
    • Wi-Fi – connection to the proxy with a Wi-Fi network
    • Settings for not listed networks – proxy over a cellular network
  4. Let’s configure via Wi-Fi network, and if necessary, configure for cell networks on your own
  5. Select Wi-Fi and then specify your access point
  6. Specify the proxy server IP address in the Hostname field
  7. Port – the proxy port
  8. Username and Password – login and password, if any
  9. Proxy type – choose the proxy type, in our case SOCKS5
  10. Return and click OFF on the first tab
  11. When you first connect, you must permit to create a pseudo VPN connection

You can check the presence of proxy connection on your Android, having learned the IP address, on any verification service, for example on!

Everything is configured for mobile networks in the same way, just making changes to Settings for not listed networks!

Do you still have questions? Post them in comments and tell whether you’ve succeeded or failed! We’ll try to help you!

That’s it! Stay with the Android + 1! It will be even more interesting! More useful articles and instructions can be found in the articles section and Android Hacks.

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