Download MiFlash (MIUI ROM Flashing Tool)

All Xiaomi smartphones and tablets are flashed with the help of MiFlash program! You will find all versions of this flasher and a direct link to the latest version on this page!

Briefly about MiFlash

MiFlash or MIUI ROM Flashing Tool is a special software developed for flashing Xiaomi smartphones and tablets.

The firmware is installed in Fastboot or EDL mode.

Download the latest version of MiFlash

Download newest MI Flash

If for any reason the latest version of MiFlash doesn’t match, you can download any previous one:

Where to download Xiaomi firmware and how to install it?

Download the latest firmware versions on your smartphone or tablet from the Xiaomi download page, and install the firmware by clicking on the link.

MiFlash errors

There are the examples of possible errors and their fixing below:

MiFlash error: Reached the end of the file 0x80070026: Receiving hello packet

How to fix: Install a newer version of Mi Flash

MiFlash error: Error 0xffffffff

How to fix: Manually select the flash_all.bat file

MiFlash error: Can not find the specified file 0x80070002

How to fix: (flash_all.bat, etc.) for flashing in a certain mode is missing (with or without formatting), select the proper xxx.bat

MiFlash error: Error 0x8007007b

How to fix: An error in the file name or the file path contains Cyrillic letters (Russian letters).

MiFlash error: The specified cast is not valid MiFlash 2016.08.30.0

How to fix: Install the previous version of Mi Flash.

Error MiFlash: Error 0x80004005: FAILED (remote: data too large)

How to fix: Perhaps the firmware is not for your device

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