Creating and configuring an OpenVPN server


Still looking for a fast and secure VPN? Try OpenVPN! In this article we will thoroughly tell you how to install OpenVPN on your server.

If OpenVpn doesn’t work, there are other options for personal VPN servers:

  • How to set up and configure VPN Streisand
  • Creating a private PPTP VPN server
  • Softether VPN
  • Algo VPN
  • Creating a SOCKS5 server
  • Route all the traffic through TOR
  • Turning Chrome into Tor

Why OpenVPN?

It has a high-speed Internet connection and can be installed on the majority of operating systems due to third-party applications and programs.

Creating a VPN server

As servers are provided by hosting providers, you need first to sign up for them to know who they are dealing with.

Signing up at hosting provider

The DigitalOcean provider is the most stable and efficient and has the most favourable tariffs. Click the link (get 10$ for free)  and sign up:

  • Enter your email address
  • Create and enter a pa